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A Picture is Worth... If a picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth volumes. Put your videos to use as learning tools with online coaching.

This online coaching session provides more opportunity for learning beyond a regular video review. You'll be able to view your own session and discuss it in real time with me via the computer. You'll be excited to learn about your horse and your skills and how quickly you can reach your goals.

How it Works... First, contact me to schedule your session. You provide the video footage, which you can e-mail or postal mail to me a few days before your lesson. I'll send you an invite to an online meeting at our appointed time with login information.

You'll have to download a very basic viewer, which is free of charge. When you log in, you'll have a view of my computer screen, and video you sent me. I'll have full control of the video so that we can view the video, pause, rewind, view in slow motion or what ever we want to do. You’ll be able to see my pointer or other presentation style tools on the screen as I discuss the points of your video.

Throughout we will have full two way communication. We can talk on the phone, or right through the meeting software if you have a microphone for your computer. You'll be able to ask me all the questions you want, and focus the lesson on the portions that are most important to you. It's just like we’re viewing the video together, because we are viewing together in real time.


  • Online Coaching is $65 for a 1-hour lesson.
  • Save $10 per coaching session when you purchase 3 or more coaching sessions at one time.

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All lessons between now and June 1, 2012 will be offered at the discounted introductory price of $65.

Get Good Video... Getting good video is one of the most important elements to having a successful onine coaching session. The better the quality of the video is, the better the quality of the coaching session.

There's no need to head out and buy a $1,000 professional quality video camera to get good video these days. Most decent video cameras are capable of shooting good footage. While we do have some amazingly capable cell phones, music players and still cameras these days, these devices are only fair at catching teachable video.

Getting a helpful friend who can use that video camera for you is the next important thing.

Here are couple of hints that you'll want to be sure your helpful friend can do for you when shooting: First, keep the frame size reasonable. Don't fill the entire frame with you and your horse (and cart if this is a driving video), and don't let them get too far away either. Remember, we'll be looking at the whole picture for clues on your performance with your horse, the ground you're on, and the entire horse and obstacles if using obstacles. Also, if your video person knows where you are going most of the time, they can “lead” the video slightly ahead of you, leaving more room in the picture in front of your horse than behind.

One of the more challenging skills in making videos is keeping the picture steady. Practice with a tripod or monopod goes a long way to keep the video consistently steady and therefore more useful.

What to Video... Performance videos of you and your horse in competition provide excellent learning tools. These give a very specified format to your performance with clear goals. The video can reveal which goals were met or missed and often why. Videos of performance classes are great, they should include videos of the other competitors in the class when possible, since you are being judged directly against another competitor.

Training Videos... Training at home, you have the luxury of working on your own time line with your own goals. That said, there should be specific goals. In other words, don't drive randomly around the ring, then send the video off. While there will certainly be things to learn there, it's better if there is some format and goal to your driving.

This is the same for your in-hand videos. If your wanting to do an online coaching of an obstacle class or hunter or jumper, have a course planned out. If you are preparing for a show or event, then make your performance about practicing for that show or event. If you are planning to do a pleasure driving class, drive your horse as if you are driving in class. Film your warm-up, take a break, then drive the class. Show your walk, normal trot, and working/strong trot.

If you are looking for help with obstacles or hunter/jumper, be sure that you place your obstacles or fences out in a specified order. Simply going between the obstacles or fences is only one aspect of performing in an that class. Provide a map of the course you are using on the video.

Finally, keep the tape rolling! Don't send me just the video of the horse doing things right or wrong. The most learning will occur when we can look at successful and not so successful efforts at a skill. We need to see what didn't work, what nearly worked, and finally what did work. Be willing to do things wrong, all the way wrong on the video.

Remember, no one ever gets good at a sport by doing everything right! That includes shooting video, so don't worry if the video you have isn't perfect. Anything we use for your online coaching session is going to teach you more than you knew before the session.

So go out there and get some video, send it in and
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