Cloke Training Stables Specializing in Raising and Training Miniature Horses
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Our facilities include a covered 60X240 driving arena and a covered round pen. This insures that inclement weather or ground conditions will not impact your horse's training regimen. This combined with the custom footing material we have installed in these areas assures maximum performance from your horse.

Controlled light therapy extends the summer coat of your horse thus insuring that your horse displays its luxuriant true colors for the full duration of the show season.

Each stall is equipped with an automatic waterer. This means that your horse, like any athlete, has ready access to the supply of clean fresh water at all times, which is essential to maximum performance.

Our farm utilizes a structured turnout regimen. We take great pride in having green, weed free, paddocks, This insures that your horses "R & R" time is enjoyable and relaxing. We utilize a ration that contains only top-grade timothy hay, a custom blend of vitamins and minerals and the "Strongid Preventacare" daily worming program. This means that your horse receives the nutrients to maximize its athletic performance.

Your horses will arrive to their events in a custom designed, state-of-the-art semi-trailer, featuring a well-ventilated and lit interior, a closed-circuit television system to monitor your horse in transit, and more than enough storage for all of your horses accouterments. The trailer is pulled by a professional trucking company whose drivers and equipment must meet rigorous I.C.C. regulations. In addition to the driver there is always one or more handlers on board at all times to care for your horses needs.

When your horse arrives at the show, it will be treated like the athlete it is. Each stall is equipped with a custom steel mesh front. This improves ventilation and allows your horse to satisfy its natural curiosity. At warmer shows each stall is equipped with a fan and evaporative cooling to enhance your horse's comfort. All of this is done to showcase your horse and allow them to perform at their maximum potential.

While your horse's comfort is paramount, we strive to make your experience enjoyable as well. At each show there are well equipped groom and dressing rooms, a kitchen area and a lounge area for your convenience. Not only is one of our goals to train the horses to win at the World and National level with us, but to continue winning with the owner at the World and National level.

We are especially proud of Cameron Nelson, Mackenzie Cloke, Joel Cloke, Cayla Schaeffer, Hannah Jo Morris, and Madi Symmonds, the top World and National Youth in both AMHA and AMHR. Our amateurs Donna Lucero, Pat and Linda McGinnis, Cindy Mcpike, Ben and Robbie Benjamin, Josie Stursa, Lynn Burnham, Lonnie Perdue, have not only been winning in their Amateur classes but also the open classes at both the AMHA and AMHR World and National shows.

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